Significance of Corporate Mark

  • Corporate Mark

A corporate mark has been designed to establish KOMSCO's corporate identity and display its corporate vision. It contains KOMSCO's key concept with the brand name 'KOMSCO', which has been developed for better communication in the world.

'S,' which stands for 'Security Printing,' KOMSCO's core business, has been engraved, symbolizing KOMSCO's future vision to grow into a leading company with advanced technology.

The blue color symbolizes KOMSCO's publicity and expertise in making currency, which is the blood of the national economy.

Signature System

  • Signature
  • Signature

KOMSCO's signature system combines the corporate mark, a key concept in corporate brand identity, and logo under certain rules. Here, the corporate mark is the main design, and a logo is used to make the company name stand out.