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Korea Minting, Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corp.
Technology Research Institute

The Technology Research Institute currently employs around 80 superior researchers.
We have an anti-counterfeit center and four research teams which perform investigation projects such as design & engraving, basis, application, ID card and anti-counterfeit technologies.

Since the Technology Research Institute was founded on November 4, 1967, it has developed security paper manufacturing techniques for banknotes, plate-making, and security inks. We are carrying out the commercialization of our special technique and design projects. In addition, we are creating an impetus to develop new technology related to money for the future.

Based on our high quality research and well-focused strategy, we plan to be leaders and pioneers in the field of currency manufacturing technology. Our talented workforce fully recognizes the significance of this mission and strives to be a truly world-leading research institution.