Creating value with excellent artistry and originality

Medallions are objects of metal craft that can be utilized as advertisement products, souvenirs etc by expressing visual aesthetic value in a limited space and artistic uniqueness in-depth with a theme of character, building, landscape, relics, emblem and so forth. KOMSCO have supplied various kinds of commemorative, advertisement and art medals of government for 40 years since 1975.

  • Patriotism Series, The Rose of Sharon Commemorative Medal

  • Natural Monument Series, 1st No.323-1 Nothern Goshawk

  • The Royal Seal of Joseon Dynasty, 1st Gold Seal of King Taejo

It has been recognized as of its technology by manufacturing 'Patriotism Series, The Rose of Sharon Commemorative Medal', ‘Natural Monument Series, 1st No.323-1 Nothern Goshawk’, ‘The Royal Seal of Joseon Dynasty, 1st Gold Seal of King Taejo’ etc with continuously developed technique of high quality of proof medal, high depth, inserting QR code, applying latent feature, combining state of the art handiwork. We sustainably will do its best to supply products with diverse technology like ‘Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 Medals’ and to accumulate technical skills and to manufacture world best quality of medallion.

  • Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 Medals

Bullion Medal Series

Since 2016, KOMSCO has released various bullion medal series, “Korean Tiger”, “Chiwoo Cheonwang”, “ZI:SIN” and “K Series”. The series are based on accumulated experience and technology with desire for new challenge. Each series has its own design concept, story line, and theme of Korean mythology, culture, and spirit.

Going forward, the series will develop a way to evolve and transform into new attractions.

  • ZI:SIN
  • Chiwoo Cheonwang
  • Korean Tiger
  • K Series

Gold bar and medal

Along with bullion medals, KOMSCO has provided its own minted gold bars to market upon its accumulated mintage skill for many a long year. KOMSCO also takes great satisfaction in hearing customers’ desire to have customized gold medal and is willing to fulfill such demands.