• 1950s Initiation

    Big step for creating value of Korea

    Established on October 1, 1951 during the Korean War, KOMSCO started its first work at a shabby wood building in Busan, Korea. KOMSCO built 10 units of printing office in Busan and launched a paper mill to prepare minting our money steadily with our technology. We could supply banknotes by ourselves, taking a big step for creating value.

  • 1960s Build

    Building growth foundation with the expanded production facilitie

    A new change began to emerge into KOMSCO. It was at that time when the innovative refurbishment of equipment occurred. A new printing office was built in Daejeon paper mill to introduce state of the art intaglio printing facility and issue new banknotes. In addition, we constructed new a minting plant in Busan to issue new type of coins. With the establishment of printing offices paper mill, minting plant, gravure stamp printing facilities together with technoloty research institute, KOMSCO achieved remarkable growth.

  • 1970s Growth

    Vigorous jump toward system transition

    We started the first export by entering into supply agreement of Thailand excise stamp on May 14, 1970. Starting with this, we faced with historical turning point in 1970s. The construction of New monetary plant caused to change organization system into printing and minting. It was another historical event that we issued new banknotes using 'paper with semi-regular position watermark' which was developed to pave the way for the independent production of banknotes.

  • 1980s Development

    Constant challenge for New Leap

    With the opening of new paper plant in 1983, we archieved the remarkable growth in terms of facility and technology. By establishing modernized monetary system, we could successfully manufacture new banknotes & coins and obtain recognition of our technology. We also started to supply orders together with commemorative coins, tickets, ID cards. Furthermore, we carried out major projects including building new printing plant, movement of research institute and establishing Currency museum.

  • 1990s Challenge

    Overcoming trials and pains toward broader world

    In 1990s, we focused on diversification and development of products as well as the expansion of export markets into the global market. As a result we could market. As a result we could export prouctis such as original dies, collars, papers, security threads to other countries. We also organized the '11th Pacific Rim Banknote Printer' Conference(PRBPC)' to upgrade our status and won the first place at the 「Management Evaluation of Government-invested Organization」. Contrary to this, we suffered harsh labor disputes and this led us to come to the worst action called lockout of the entire work places. With the imminent of the 21st century, we changed business philosophy and symbol mark to start new challenge toward the 21st century.

  • 2000s Jump

    Soaring as a global leading security organization

    In 2000s, we developed as a knowledge creating organization. Starting opening of the first Internet shopping mall among public enterprise and exported Color Shifting Pigment(CSP), special inks and security technologies. We also declared the second establishment through upgrading the paper mill and ID plant, while we could successfully supply new banknotes series. 50000-won notes, following new banknote series. In 2007, we opened ID plant not only to manufacture but also to personalize and supply Korean NID card & e-passports in a centralized manner.

  • 2010s Innovation

    Global Top 5 Minting and Security Company

    Attempting to transit to the structure of pioneering business by establishing GKD(GLOBAL KOMSCO DAEWOO), the first overseas corporation of KOMSCO to secure the bridgehead to enter into overseas market and cotton pulp of raw material of banknotes. KOMSCO tried hard for business improvement, cost reduction, pioneering of domestic and international market. With the more than 60 year history, KOMSCO start vigorous soaring toward Global Top 5 Minting and Security Company.

  • 2030s Vision

    Global First Public Corporation for Protecting Transactions & Authenticity

    We commences the implementation of Korea's first public sector blockchain platform and reveals cutting-edge, anti-counterfeiting technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We ard well on our way to becoming the global first public corporation for protecting transactions & authenticity. Through flawless quality and public trust, continued change and innovation based on anti-counterfeiting expertise, and the realization of public authenticity, we will take the lead in building a society based on trust and confidence.