A responsible Mint that plays a pivotal role in the coinage industry

KOMSCO has been a rule-follower and has followed the path that the other developed organizations have taken in the mintage industry. By bringing about innovations in technology development and production system, we have gradually strengthened our competitiveness.

We are committed to being the best provider of circulation and non-circulation coins, collectible products and services. We are a company that connects people and inspire celebration.

From an Arguably world class production system to a World best coin blank supplier, and Global collection distributor

What Do We Have?

KOMSCO undertook a project to modernize its mintage plant and finished building two fully integrated production systems, which encompass all of the processes from inserting coinblanks to minting, inspection, packaging: all parts of these processes are automated and sequent.

We are confident that our production system is incredibly advanced, innovative and highly esteemed by other Mints, related central banks and government officials who knock at ourdoor to benchmark the successful case of our project. We are well prepared to provide our customers with the details of our production system on the basis of professional engineering consulting.

In addition, the manufacturing site meets and is committed to maintaining the International Organization for Standardization external quality-assurance and environmental standards forproduction, installation and servicing.

Confidence, Excellence and Creativity

- A wide range of products and open innovation R&D -
  • 10 Won, Republic of Korea
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KOMSCO, a newly modernized Mint, has the capacity to produce about 1.7 billion circulation coins per year and has experience with the export of circulation coins and master punches.Based on our confidence, we have achieved continuous contracts with many countries, one of which has been our faithful customer for more than 10 years.

Volatile base metal prices and rising production costs have created global demand for an alternative to the conventional coin. KOMSCO has put great effort into identifying costeffective newmaterials with higher producibility and durability through its joint R&D with the Industry-University-Institute. For instance, since 2006, the Bank of Korea has saved millions of dollars peryear thanks to the new 10-won copper-clad aluminum coin. In addition, KOMSCO strives hard to improve its technology development, in order to obtain superior quality and better long-term performance.

KOMSCO has garnered a reputation for technological innovation and exquisite design. Our coins won prizes at the Coin Award Program in Mint Directors' Conference. These coins aren' tjust money. Beyond the face value, they are more than meets the eye. Furthermore, we have crafted a variety of medallions and pieces of cultural jewelry and have issued them for artistic,commemorative or souvenir purposes.

Award - winning coins
    • CategoryMost Technically Advanced
    • Coin20,000-won silver coin
    • ThemeThe 560th Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) Day
    • CategoryMost Beautiful Coin
    • Coin30,000-won gold coin
    • ThemeFIFA World Cup Korea/Japan


500 Won
  • Date of first issue for series Jun. 12, 1982
  • Diameter 26.50mm
  • Weight 7.70g
  • Material Cu 75%, Ni 25%
  • Edge Milled
  • Design Crane
100 Won
  • Date of first issue for series Nov. 30, 1970
  • Diameter 24.00mm
  • Weight 5.42g
  • Material Cu 75%, Ni 25%
  • Edge Milled
  • Design Admiral Yi Sun-Shin
50 Won
  • Date of first issue for series Dec. 1, 1972
  • Diameter 21.60mm
  • Weight 4.16g
  • Material Cu 70%, Zn 18%, Ni 12%
  • Edge Milled
  • Design Stalk of Rice
10 Won
  • Date of first issue for series Aug. 16, 1966
  • Diameter 18.0mm
  • Weight 1.22g
  • Material Copper-clad Aluminum(Cu 48%, AI 52%)
  • Edge Plain
  • Design Dabotap, Pagoda
5 Won
  • Date of first issue for series Aug. 16, 1966
  • Diameter 20.40mm
  • Weight 2.95g
  • Material Cu 65%, Zn 35%
  • Edge Plain
  • Design Kobukson, Turtle Ship
1 Won
  • Date of first issue for series Aug. 16, 1966
  • Diameter 17.20mm
  • Weight 0.729g
  • Material Al 100%
  • Edge Plain
  • Design Rose of Sharon