Secure Element

Secure Element (SE) is a tamper-resistant platform (typically a one chip secure microcontroller) capable of securely hosting applications and their confidential and cryptographic data in accordance with the rules and security requirements presented by a set of well-identified trusted authorities.

SEs are an evolution of existing secure technology. The chip embedded in credit cards and portable devices has been adapted to suit the needs of the mobile world. With multiple applications now being stored and their processes executed in the same device, it is essential to be able to house trusted applications and their associated credentials in a secure environment.


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What is KShell?

Kshell is a Secure Element with COS(Chip Operating System), which are capable of supporting a lot of highly advanced security algorithms and functions to implement their own cryptographic API.
It is compatible with multiple devices, which means it supports various types of form factors : DIP(Dual In-line Package), SMD(Surface Mount Device), MicroSD, SIM. Each form factor links to a different business implementation and satisfies different market needs.

Security Features
  • Anti-hacking Security for IoT/M2M Device for Access Control
  • Encrypted Communication & Digital Signature for Authentication
  • Software based e-Sealed function against Data Spoofing