R&D Center


Anti-counterfeit technique that can easily discriminated between the original and spurious article by the general public
  • Laser Hologram technique
  • Making funcional materials transformed by temperature, light, moisture and chemicals, etc.
  • Copy disturbance technique using precise printing, scanner and copying machine
The technique for machine readable and detectable materials
  • ATM technic for banknote, coin and securities
Electronic money and the card related technique for preparing money for the future.
  • Application method of business relations, payment method, encoding, and applying medium
  • Anti-counterfeit technique and the information for all kinds of cards
Anti-counterfeit technique for the banknote paper and paper for securities manufacturing
  • The advanced technique for watermark, security fiber, and security thread
Ensure the superior quality and production skill due to hold the only pilot machine for paper making
  • Durable and unchangeable paper manufacturing technique for banknote
Coinage and medal
  • Circulaing coins, commemorative coins and special-formed coins
  • Commemorative medals, decorations and precious metal
Special printing technique
  • The technique connected with plate-making, printing, materials for special printing
Manufacturing technique of security ink
  • Inaglio ink and functional ink for banknote
  • Various printing ink such as gravure, off-set, typographic, screen
Design and engraving
  • Anti-counerfeit precise products which cannot be easily forged
  • Engraving for banknote
  • The computer graphic technology harmonized with classical art and modern art