Sales of 747 million USD in 47 nations

Accumulated International Sales1970~2023

KOMSCO has exported money (banknote, coins, etc.), security paper (banknote paper, etc.), special ink, pigment, passport, card, and the like to 47 countries since 1970.

KOMSCO has been making efforts to generate an income model for the 21st global era under the new vision of ‘world’s top minting, security, authentication service provider. As part of the efforts, we generate high added values through patented technology-based experts including cutting-edge security products such as electronics ID in addition to traditional exports including security papers and coin products.

Our subsidiary GKD is Korea’s one and only cotton pulp producer whose factory is located in Uzbekistan. We export cotton pulp produced by GKD to overseas security paper producers and chemical product manufacturers.

The accumulated sales volume reached 749 million USD by the end of 2021 since its exports started and KOMSCO also strengthens its competitiveness in the global market through diversification in export markets and products and acquisition of market-leading technologies. In addition, we expand our overseas businesses through proactive customer management, strategic marketing for each target market by region and product and establishment of mutual cooperation network with domestic and overseas related organizations. We focus on discovering potential clients by building up a global network to become an enterprising global minting, security and authentication service provider.

Export Performancein thousand USD / Source; Statistical Yearbook
Export Performance
Division 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2009 2010-2019 2020-2021
(Banknote, Coins)
38,224 48,546 28,881 71,784 130,013 3,641 321,089
Security Paper
(Banknote paper, etc.)
6,796 8,910 30,884 81,126 135,150 17,744 280,610
Cotton Pulp         55,516 32,247 87,763
Ink·Pigment       18,248 18,420 5,259 41,927
(Passport, Card, etc.)
      1,868 9,525 1,690 13,083
(Commemorative coin, etc.)
640 795 72 713 6   2,226
Total 45,660 58,251 59,837 173,739 348,630 60,581 746,698